Seat done…almost ;)

The new seat for the CB750 is done !

Today’s test run went really good.
The new height of the seat compared to the old one makes such a difference and feels just right.

Now the only thing we need is a strap for the passenger, so that we can legally ride together here in germany.

With out this strap, (that by the way: no one ever uses!) the bike would be only approved for solo riding ;)

And before I forget it,…the CB got some new brake pads on the rear and is now able to stop again!^^


Re-designed Seat

Due to some problems we had to redesign the CB750 seat.

But the new design will be way more comfortable,
because the whole seat gets raised and that makes you sit higher.

But as you see, the new seat design for the CB750 is coming along pretty well.

Some fine tuning and sanding tomorrow and it’s time for new upholstery.

If everything goes well,…the CB will be hitting the streets again in a few days !

Stay tuned ;)