The Problem with Oldies


Man… “old-ladies” sometimes can get you in trouble ;)

On thursday evening the CX decided not to start again,…we tried everything (New battery, jump-started her, new spark-plugs, checked every cable, rewired something to get some new ground), but nothing worked.

In the end, the spark somehow was missing completely…

That meant,…we had to tow her home.

But the stupid and kinda funny part is, the next day she decided to start as perfect as usual without doing anything special XD

Help us to understand that,…hehe

I guess it just wasn’t her day ;)

Schwarzwald 2014

Used the stupid and rainy weather to make a small video of our last years roadtrip.

In 2014 we went to the “Black Forest” (Schwarzwald) and had a great week of riding through awesome landscapes, woods and towns.

The video only shows a small amount of what we recorded, but I think it is enough to give you an idea, how beautiful riding in germany can be ;)