Ein kurzer Film / A very short video

So, hier ist das einzige verwertbare und rettbare Material von unserem Ligurien Urlaub…
Auf der Speicherkarte der GoPro, waren merkwürdiger keine aufgenommen Videos,…und die meisten, die doch noch drauf waren, waren beschädigt…
Also ein Grund nochmals dorthin zu fahren ! ;)

Well here it is…
…all that was left on my SD-Card from our nice Liguria Trip :-/
Somehow most of the files were broken or deleted…dunno why but hey, a reason to get there again ;)

Liguria, Italy – April 2015

Some pics from our Liguria-Trip with our 2 vintage enduros.

(1973 Honda XL250K0 & 1981 Honda XL500S)

Hitting the backcountry roads and riding through the dust with those two bikes was just super great !

Would do this again, asap ;)

Maybe next year with all the three of us !

The Problem with Oldies


Man… “old-ladies” sometimes can get you in trouble ;)

On thursday evening the CX decided not to start again,…we tried everything (New battery, jump-started her, new spark-plugs, checked every cable, rewired something to get some new ground), but nothing worked.

In the end, the spark somehow was missing completely…

That meant,…we had to tow her home.

But the stupid and kinda funny part is, the next day she decided to start as perfect as usual without doing anything special XD

Help us to understand that,…hehe

I guess it just wasn’t her day ;)